Cameron Music


CameronMusic is owned and run by Alastair Cameron who, as a professional musician, has worked in the industry for over fifteen years. 

As an award winning composer, his works have been used in film, radio and television, and broadcast on a variety of channels around the world, from the BBC and Paramount Comedy Channel, to Costa Rica’s national TV station, Canal 9. 

Alastair has a particular interest in film and animation, and recent past and current projects include a number of short independent films, and an award at Cinemalaga Film Festival in Spain, for his music in Director Sergey Tsyss’ multi-award winning film: “Second Wind”.

His love for contemporary music also led him to found and direct the acclaimed London Contemporary Music Group (LCMG) ensemble, who have premiered a number of contemporary works, including A Loud Celebration by Mark Anthony Turnage.