Cameron Music

Month: July 2017

I Wonder as I Wander

I wrote this piece in 2004 for an amateur choir I was conducting at the time. Unfortunately, they struggled a little with it due to the number of parts it splits into; so, in the end we didn’t perform it and so far it has remained performed. So if anyone fancies giving it a go, please do let me know.


I have always been interested in Folk Music. I also have a rather unfortunate habit of buying instruments whilst not always learning to play them properly… In order to actually get on with learning to play with some proficiency, I’ve started recording some Irish folk – which is great fun. So, in an attempt to…

Marvin Hamlisch Scoring Competition

Earlier this year I entered the Marvin Hamlisch Composing Competition. I really enjoyed the challenge and, though I didn’t win, was reasonably pleased with the result.