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And here is another animation I was commissioned to compose the soundtrack for. Mr Sneaks is back!

Advertisement for an Italian Newspaper

I was commissioned to compose the music for an Italian newspaper advertisement.

Lo strillone – Corriere della Sera  ( Digital Edition )

Advertisement – GCOM

Second Wind

Short film – Second Wind ( dir. Sergey Tsyss ) – that I was commissioned to compose the soundtrack for. It received 60 international awards and was screened at more than 300 festivals in 50 countries worldwide.

Mr Sneaks Ep.4

Another episode of Mr sneaks that I have composed the music for.

Car Horn Concertmaster

Zefrey Throwell is a serial troublemaker. From crashing museums to stripping down in the middle of Wall Street, disruptive behavior is at the heart of Throwell’s art.

Throwell composed a symphony in five parts for 1,000 car horns and passed them out to motorist musicians across the city to play in traffic, in parking lots and from the mountaintops.

This documentary about the piece uses my track ‘Gentle Marimba’

Marvin Hamlisch Scoring Competition

Earlier this year I entered the Marvin Hamlisch Composing Competition. I really enjoyed the challenge and, though I didn’t win, was reasonably pleased with the result.