Alastair Cameron


Alastair Cameron picSo, what do I do? Well, a fair few things…

Musically, I am a composer, conductor and I play various instruments (to varying degrees of competence). I also narrate audiobooks, but that’s not really what this site is about, although it may crop up.

I am primarily a classical musician, having studied piano and clarinet as a child and then doing a music degree specialising in composing and conducting. Most of my work is more towards the “classical” genre, but can incorporate jazz, folk and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy. So, dotted around the site you will find a mixture of different things.

Scroll down to browse through what I have been getting up to recently, or follow the links on the left if you are looking for anything specific.

If you’re really interested in the posh sounding biography it is here.


Late Night

I really don’t consider myself a Jazz musician. Although I enjoy jazz it is not a genre that I am experienced or knowledgeable in. That said, I do seem to end up writing quite a lot of Jazz tunes.


Puck’s Dance

I decided that it is time I did a bit writing of concert music rather than worrying about trying to composer more commercially minded music for media so here is a short piano piece that I recently came up with.

The score is available either to preview or buy from score-exchange


Car Horn Concertmaster

Zefrey Throwell is a serial troublemaker. From crashing museums to stripping down in the middle of Wall Street, disruptive behavior is at the heart of Throwell’s art.

Throwell composed a symphony in five parts for 1,000 car horns and passed them out to motorist musicians across the city to play in traffic, in parking lots and from the mountaintops.

This documentary about the piece uses my track Gentle Marimba


I Wonder as I Wander

I wrote this piece in 2004 for an amateur choir I was conducting at the time. Unfortunately they struggled a little with it due to the number of parts it splits into so in the end we didn’t perform it and so far it has not been performed. So if anyone fancies giving it a…



I have always been interested in Folk Music and I also have a rather unfortunate habit of buying instruments, whilst not always learning to play them properly. In order to actually get on with learning to play properly I have been recording a bit of Irish folk lately which is great fun and in an attempt to improve my tin whistle playing I have recorded a couple of tracks.


My First Attempt at a Music Video

People are often pointing out that these days, you really need video in your portfolio. So, as I am also into such things – but as you will see, definitely not professionally – I thought I would have a go. Here is my first attempt at shooting a music video for my track “A Wild Night”

And, yes, you have no doubt noticed that I spent an inordinate amount of time just videoing a record player, but hey, I had fun and that’s what counts!




The Cure is Here

Alongside music I also record audiobooks and voiceovers. One of the jobs I had was a sales pitch for a more than slightly dodgy sounding binaural beats/meditation/brain training product. It wasn’t my finest hour but I did need the money so couldn’t really turn down the work. To partially assuage my guilt I wrote this song about quacks and snake oil salesmen.